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Seek, pick, and reach your potential customers using a tool with a true human touch.

How does it work

Grow your business with Growbots

Identify prospects_

Step 1

Select your target

Access over 180M+ verified prospects (full coverage of all worldwide decision makers). Our database is updated continuously thanks to live email verification, reducing bounce rate to under 10%.

Select your target market using 15 Growbots advanced targeting criteria (i.e. website technologies and funding in addition to standard filters like: industries, location, headcount, revenue, positions, etc.).

Within seconds get a tailored list of all your prospects and their direct email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles. Cherry-pick your prospects and pay only for the good-fit leads.

Set up campaign

Step 2

Set up your campaign

The Growbots platform will automate the outreach for you. Just pick the time at which your emails will be sent. All campaigns will be scheduled based on your prospects timezone.

Create unlimited email templates and sequences. Get detailed information about your prospects to fully personalize your emails. Because personalization at Growbots means more than a few email custom fields.

Include LinkedIn touches, phone calls, and other custom tasks in your sequence. Executing such a campaign will require more effort, but if cold calling and social are among your strengths, it will most definitely pay off.

Optimize your results

Step 3

Optimize your results

Get access to detailed reports; monitor your open rates, click-through rates and warm responses. Growbots will identify your best performing campaigns so you can reuse them later.

Use split testing to make data-driven decisions. Growbots will quickly help you identify what works so you can maximize your campaign performance.

Draw on from the expertise and insights of our outbound experts’ in the Knowledge Base to maximize the results of your campaigns.


Revolutionizing outbound since 2014

Easy & reliable platform

We know all the ins-and-outs of outbound as well as the pain-points that come with it. This is why we created Growbots - an all-in-one platform that allows you to perform all crucial outbound initiatives in one user-friendly dashboard.

Growbots platform_

Who is it for

Growbots is a platform for everybody

For Outbound Newcomers

Trying to develop your business and want to add outbound to your strategy?

Growbots’ intuitive interface allows you to build up your process quickly, even if you don’t have any previous experience. Find your potential clients and reach them within minutes – our support will have your back along the way.

Are you an outbound pro but need a tool to match your needs and skills?

With Growbots, you not only gain access to a pool of quality contacts to decision-makers worldwide, but also can build complex email sequences with manual tasks, conduct A/B tests, and reply to all your prospects from one dashboard.

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How we operate

Choose how you want to work with us


Get access to Growbots and do it yourself

You are familiar with outbound sales but need a powerful all-in-one outbound sales software to scale your sales? Choose your plan, sign up to Growbots, and gain access to all the functionalities you might ever need in order to perform successful outbound campaigns and an email warm up tool. In case of questions, our in-app chat support will be there to help you.


Let us do it for you, with you

Are you too busy or don’t have the resources to do outbound and improve your sales process on your own? Choose our Concierge service which enables you to outsource your outbound activities to Growbots’ experts. Over the course of 3 months, we’ll help you find your winning outbound formula – a campaign that consistently delivers new opportunities. During that time, you will have access to our outbound sales tool to monitor the activities and do your own research.

Premium Support

Learn outbound best practices with our feedback and recommendations

Our Premium Support service is a great choice if you lack the experience and need guidance in terms of your outbound strategy but have the resources and the will to perform the campaigns in-house. Our consultants will have your or your sales reps’ back by giving you strategic advice as well as help you with your email deliverability to make sure your emails reach your recipients.

Reliable and fast chat support for self-service

Adrian Zemełko

CS Specialist

Caroline Tyrko

CS Specialist

Chris Traczyk

Deliverability Expert

Experienced Concierges taking care of your campaigns

Polly Korolova

Strategy Consultant

Paul Domalewski

Strategy Consultant

Martie Macul

Strategy Consultant

Campaign feedback from our experts

Olga Nawratek

Strategy Consultant

Jake Wanat

Head of Customer Success

Natalia Chojecka

Strategy Consulting Team Leader

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Truly All-in-one solution to make your outreach personal


Stop spending countless hours on prospecting. Simply browse and filter out your ideal potential customers from Growbots’ 180M+ contact database.


Learn the best outbound practices from our frequently updated knowledge base, in-app trainings as well as insightful webinars and Q&A sessions.


Automate the sending of your outreach campaigns, generate compelling templates with our AI Template Generator tool and optimize your results.


Warm up your inboxes (not available for Google accounts) to improve your sender reputation and make sure that your emails always reach the inbox.

Top-notch support

We’re here for you. To help, develop, and inspire

Our experienced Customer Success Team is always available to provide support and share expert knowledge on outbound campaign management. We take your success very seriously!

Starts at just $49/month

Our flexible pricing plans are tailored to businesses of all sizes.


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