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Growbots is a place where innovation happens and where friendships for life are made.
Choose the area you want to develop your career with us and join our team.


Join a Product Team of 10+ experienced IT, UI/UX enthusiasts and do meaningful work in shaping a product loved by hundreds of customers around the world

Customer Success

We want our customers to make the best out of our product. Join our Customer Success team to strengthen our existing relationships, and continue delighting our customers around the globe.


Join our Sales team to spread the word about our tool and convince our potential customers that it’s worth to get to know us better!

Open job positions

We are currently looking for the following experts

Our culture

An ambitious team of outbound experts

People and human relationships always come first

People and human relationships are the foundation of our company culture. It means they are always more important than anything else.

Focus on the customers’ success

We constantly think about how we can bring value to customers through our product and professional services.

Embrace challenge and responsibility

At Growbots, we set challenging business and personal goals. What’s more, if we're assigned a project, there's no doubt we'll deliver it. We learn by doing - there is no shortcut.

Always choose transparency

We always default to transparency and open communication - even if we have some tough news to share.

Learning machine mindset

We are always seeking to expand our skills and knowledge. Additionally, we continuously strive to better understand how our business operates.

Continuous improvement

We are biased towards action - it means we’re not just having ideas but are actually willing to take meaningful steps to see these ideas move forward.

Make time to think and reflect / think

It’s about the ability to set aside time and energy to reflect on our priorities and strategy to tackle our challenges in the best and most effective way.

your Perks at growbots

Benefits of working at Growbots

Happy employee = happy company. This is why at Growbots, we offer a wide range of perks.
No matter if you work from our Warsaw office or work remotely.



Work from home or our Warsaw office

Guaranteed time off (26 vacation days) & paid sick leave

Training & conferences budget

Flexible working hours

Awesome integrations

Extra days off

Sabbatical Leave

Mental Health Budget

Gallup Clifton Strengths Talent Assessment

Top-notch Apple equipment

life at growbots

There is never a boring day at our company

Workation is a possibility at Growbots
Oganizing cycling trips (July 2022)
Growbots retreat in Gdańsk (October 2022)
Taking part in Szlachetna Paczka (December 2022)
Hackaton (December 2022)
Taking part in events like Wystartuj job fairs
Helping others in need
Organizing brunches at our office
Organizing different events at our office
Get-togethers at our office

people of growbots

Meet your future teammates


All things you might want to ask us. Right here, right now

Want to join our team but still have some questions? Check out our FAQ section below! If you don’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Sure! Our team members are free to work remotely or in a unique, dog-friendly office in the old cheese factory in the center of Warsaw (Hoża street). Although it would be awesome to see you f2f from time to time in our office or at team’s or company’s meet-ups!

Depending on the position you’re applying for, our recruitment process consists of different stages. On average, you can expect:

  1. An intro call (20-30 min)

    A quick call with our Recruitment & Employer Branding Specialist so that we can make sure that our offer meets your expectations and vice versa!

  2. Home task/case study (1h)

    We’ll ask you to prepare a short recruitment task for us.

  3. Interview with a manager (1h)

    An interview with the head of the department you want to join, who will tell you more about the job and ask you a couple of questions relating to your experience, mindset and motivation. Also, they will share with you feedback after the home task.

  4. Peer panel (30 min)

During the peer panel, you will talk to your future colleagues to get to know each other. You will also be able to ask them questions and learn about what you need to thrive at your future position.

For some roles, an Executive interview (30 min) with our CEO, Luke, is organized to ensure that the candidate finds him or herself aligned with our mission, culture & values.

Technical positions require an additional stage dedicated to pair-programming during which we assess the candidates technical knowledge and skills.

Please verify the details of the offer you wish to apply to – we always include detailed information on the process for particular positions.

Before you join us you’ll get an email with a plan for your very first day & a short presentation about our culture, ways of communication & being basically! We know it can be a stressful moment so we want you to feel 100% prepared 🙂

On the first day you can expect:

  • an office tour (yes, if you’re from outside of Warsaw we invite all of our new team members for their first 2-3 days to come to Warsaw, meet us f2f, and get to feel the office vibe :))

  • plenty opportunities to meet your colleagues – your onboarding buddy, your manager, meet&greet with the team, team lunch, intro with People Operations Manager & IT. So that you know the right people & all the basics!

In the meantime you can always look at your onboarding checklist to see what’s ahead of you, or if something is not clear – at Growbots Handbook – where all mysteries of Growbots are resolved.

During the next weeks you will directly meet with our leaders (CEO, all managers) but also speed-date with your closest co-workers so that you know what each team does, how you will work with them and why. Not to mention discovering organisation & team goals. starting your on-the-job trainings and setting expectations for your first 3 months within Growbots!

Your onboarding buddy is a person from your team or working very closely to your subject matter that will help you integrate smoothly with the team and whole organization. He/she is your first point of contact when you don’t know something or need help. Remember there are no stupid questions!

The onboarding buddy can be in charge of some big things like getting you up to speed with the on-going projects but also the small ones like showing you how to make coffee in the office and how the process of borrowing books from the Growbots library works.

Being transparent is one of our core values and we take it very seriously. We default to open communication – even if we have some tough news to share.

We meet every 2 weeks during All-Hands Meetings to summarize our business results, exchange new ideas, provide as much context as possible and allow for Q&A. There’s also time for our monthly gratitude ritual – kudos. We nominate people, based on the categories of our values, for their commitment, awesome attitude, something they did really great or had enormous impact on the organization.

On the individual level, we have regular non-anonymous 360 feedback sessions to share open feedback about our colleagues to help them grow professionally and as human beings.


Growbots partially covers the cost of conferences that the employees want to participate in. However, such conference needs to be strictly linked to a job at Growbots. In this case, we cover 70% of the ticket’s price.

Join Growbots and make a leap in your career

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